VE Day – 2020

VE Day – 75th Anniversary celebrations

To help celebrate the historic events that brought World War II formally to an end, we have prepared some information and challenges that we hope you will enjoy and will remind us all – young and old – of the ultimate sacrifice that many made to ensure our freedom and our modern way of life.

There are a range of challenges and activities that the whole family can be involved in to help celebrate this important anniversary. The more you complete the more points you earn, and the greater your chances of winning our £50 voucher! 

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A message from Mr Tarbox…

75 Years is a long time and many of us were not even born at the time. Bear in mind that VE Day commemorates the end of a 6 year war so understanding what was happening can be difficult.

Hopefully this will help…

Newsreel is one source of events, but what about the people who lived through it and were there as it happened?


Mrs Brenda Whelan…

Don’t forget to get involved with the Challenges for a chance to win the £50 voucher.


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