Following the Coronavirus pandemic and the need to assist students to stay safe, for example by practising correct social distancing and having staggered start and end times to the school day, we have organised students into year group “bubbles”. This has resulted in a re-organisation of the bus routes and the re-allocation of students to each bus.

For September 2020, Year 7 students will travel separately to Yr 8 students, who will also travel separately to Year 9 students. Year 10 & Year 11 will be grouped as a larger single “bubble” and they will be allowed to share bus services. Siblings in different years will be expected to travel separately from each other, with their correct year group.

Bus services within each year group bubble have been allocated on a postcode basis.

Instructions for finding your child’s bus for September 2020:

Use the documents linked below to search for your postcode – if you have children in different year groups they will be using different bus services to help allow us to operate different start and end times.

Each document consists of 2 pages – the first page outlines the route, bus stops and pick-up/ drop-off times. The second page lists the relevant post codes for that bus service.

Year 7 bubble – bus services 1, 2 and 3

Bus 1 info

Bus 2 info

Bus 3 info

Year 8 bubble – bus services 10 and 11

Bus 10 info – now with an added stop at Largs Road and revised timings

Bus 11 info

Year 9 bubble – bus services 4 and 5

Bus 4 info

Bus 5 info – now with a Huncoat, Bolton Avenue Stop

Year 10 & 11 bubble – bus services 6, 7, 8 and 13

Bus 6 info

Bus 7 info

Bus 8 info

Bus 13 info – now with an amended Abbey Street bus stop and an additional stop at Huncoat Winterley Drive (Burnley Road).

Bus 9 has been reserved for vulnerable students; individual parents will be contacted regarding the use of this service.

This reorganisation of bus services has been arranged in line with the updated Covid 19 transport guidance from LCC.

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