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At Rhyddings we have two dedicated safeguarding Officer: Mrs Ali- Lead safeguarding/ Prevent Lead and Mr Breckell Deputy/ Operational Safeguarding officer. At Rhyddings School we fully recognise the responsibilities of the Child Protection and safeguarding statutory guidelines: The Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy reflects the values of the ‘Rhyddings Way’.

Respect              Respect for one another and the school community
Honesty              Be honest with staff, pupils and ourselves.
Yours                  Take ownership of the school
Determination     Keep going when things get tough
Democracy         Always listen to other people’s opinions.
Inspire                 Inspire others and set a good example
Neighbourly        Be helpful to one another
Generous           Give something extra to our learning and around school
Supportive          Provide encouragement to those who need it.

All members of staff at Rhyddings have a crucial role to play in helping identify welfare concerns and indicators of possible abuse or neglect, at an early stage: referring those concerns to the appropriate organisation/ body (DSL), contributing to the assessment of a child’s needs and where appropriate to on-going action to meet those needs of the child. A holistic approach is provided to ensure the assessments provide additional support for families too.

At Rhyddings we support all pupils through internal early help services central to the pastoral support, YNOT, NEST, MHIST, and additional referrals through behaviour / ‘hub’ sessions all which offer early targeted interventions.

Child Protection and Safeguarding is the responsibility of all adults and especially those working with children.
Safeguarding always remains our main priority at Rhyddings. We believe everyone has the right to be respected and treated fairly. We ensure all pupils have an opportunity to have their voice heard.

Please email the safeguarding officers directly if you have a concern:

Mrs Ali-

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