School Synergy

What is School Synergy?

School Synergy is our ‘one stop shop’ school system to allow Parents/ Carers and pupils access to important school information and data.

At Rhyddings we use School Synergy to collate timetabling information, attendance, student details as well as rewards and behaviour points meaning that this data is also available to Parents/ Carers and pupils. We also run our home-school messaging, calendar, homework (called assignments) and Parents’ evenings through the system – making all of the important information that a Parent/ carer or pupil might need just a few clicks away.


Accessing the system

The School Synergy site for Rhyddings is accessed via   – it will work on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Pupil accounts are activated by school – they log in using their school Microsoft 365 details.
Parents require a sign-in code to link to their child’s or children’s accounts. We send these out for new Year 7 pupils shortly after they begin with us.
However a new code or account activation can be requested for any pupil via email –


Using the system

After logging in the system in menu driven and gives Parents/ Carers and pupils access to a wealth of useful information about day-to-day school life.

Home screen


Menu Options


Timetable – with colour coded attitude to learning – green is for positive Reward points, other colours for our 4-stage Consequence system


Behaviour & Reward points and data

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