Religious Education

Through studying different topics, students in our school are able to gain a deep awareness of their own and others’ identities. They are able to ask questions on lots of ‘big questions’ whilst they wrestle with the mysteries of life and answers given by a variety of religions (and non-religious groups) about their beliefs. Students are able to develop a clear sense of what is of real value, particularly in this fast-changing world we live in today. This enables them to become more tolerant of other people and ideas that are not their own.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9


What is belief?

Created or chance?

Who is my neighbour?

What is the Church?

Spirited Art




Did Jesus exist?



Relationships – Gender equality, marriage, contraception, same-sex relationships, divorce.

Life and Death – when does life begin? Abortion, Euthanasia, The soul, Life after death, funeral rites.

Good & evil – Crime & Punishment, Forgiveness, Good, Evil and suffering.

Key stage 4 – Year 10 and 11- Eduqas GCSE Religious Studies
Paper 1 – 50% Paper 2 – 25% Paper 3 – 25%

Assessment overview:

Topic 1: Relationships

Topic 2: Life & Death

Topic 3: Good & Evil

Topic 4: Human Rights

Assessment overview:

Christian Practices

Christian Beliefs

Assessment overview:

Muslim Practices

Muslim Beliefs


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