Options 2021

The Option process this year…

Mrs Whelan

Year 9 students
This is the point of the year when we need to think about your Option choices for next year.
Over Easter you will all receive the Option booklet through the post and it will also be emailed to you. A link to that document is included below along with a letter explaining the Option Process. Over Easter start to think about which subjects you may be interested in taking at Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11).
After Easter you will be issued with the Option form and can begin to make your choices.
The letter explains how to make your Option choices and who to contact if you need additional information, guidance or support. I appreciate that the circumstances make Options more difficult this year but we are all here to help if you need it.
You can all continue to use the START careers online package (link below) and details of how to log in are in the letter.

Option Booklet issued: 26 March 2021
Option Form issued: 13 April 2021
Option Form returned to Mrs Whelan: 30 April 2021


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