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The SEND department ensures that pupils who require additional support due to physical or sensory needs, communication and Interaction needs, cognition and learning needs and social, emotional and mental health needs. The SEND team also support students whose attendance at school has been affected because of health reasons and have their needs fully met whilst being able to access a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum.

The SEND department has its own dedicated learning environments where staff deliver individual and small group intervention sessions for pupils. In-class support is also directed by the department, utilising appropriately trained teaching and non-teaching staff.

All staff within the SEND department liaise closely with staff of the feeder primary schools and with further education colleagues to ensure that pupils with additional needs are appropriately catered for on transfer to Rhyddings at age 11 and on leaving the school for further education at 16.

What is SEND?

A pupil has special educational needs (SEND) if he or she has learning needs that require special educational provision to be made.
A pupil has a learning difficulty if he or she has a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of pupils of the same age or has a disability which prevents or hinders the pupil from making use of educational facilities of a kind provided for pupils of the same age in other schools within the local authority.
All staff at Rhyddings are teachers of SEN and have a responsibility to work together with parents/carers and pupils to develop inclusive practices that will overcome the barriers to learning.

Who is the SENDCO at Rhyddings?

The SENDCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) at Rhyddings is Miss Widdowson. Parents should contact her if they have any queries regarding SEND/Learning Support.
Miss Widdowson is available at parents’ evenings to discuss pupil progress and areas of focus and development. The department offers access to the Hub kitchen at break and lunch time lunchtime. In addition, pupils with SEN support will receive termly updates and children with an Education Health Care Plans will also receive an annual review.

You can contact Miss Wddowson by email or by telephone: 01282 683040

The Hub

The Social Learning Base exists to facilitate the development of social, emotional and behavioural skills whilst developing communication skills and self confidence.  The environment of the Social Learning Base aims to be secure and predictable, providing vulnerable students with access to a safe space.

The practise of the Nurture Group uses knowledge of attachment theory to support it, providing:

  • Reliable adults who have time to respond to their needs (at whatever developmental stage required)
  • Predictable interactions and routines (or changes which must happen explained clearly and well in advance)
  • Clear boundaries and limitations
  • Specific attachment figures
  • Adults who challenge negative internal models through sensitive interaction


The Social Learning Base caters for a wide range of students:

  • students needing a stepping stone in their transition from primary school
  • students who are new to the school who may have additional needs
  • New admissions who may need support with transition
  • students with additional needs who require support to access the curriculum
  • students with SEMH needs who are not progressing at their expected level
  • students who are experiencing a difficult period of time in their lives
  • students close to exclusion that may benefit from a different approach

There is a structure pathway regarding learners entering and exiting the Hub provision. This enables learners and staff to monitor and reflect on their individual progress whilst also identifying areas of support.

For Further Information contact Mrs Widdowson SENDCo


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