Health and Social Care

This is an option subject which is taken in Years 10 & 11. As part of this qualification, students learn about how they develop over time and the impact that different elements have on their development. They also learn sector-specific knowledge and the skills needed to work in this area.

Key stage 4 – Year 10 and 11- BTEC TECH Award Level 1/2 in Health & Social Care
Component 1 – 30% (Coursework) Component 2 – 30% (Coursework) Component 3 – 40% (exam unit)

Assessment overview:

Human lifespan development

LAA – Understand human growth and development across life stages and the factors that affect it.

LAB – Investigate how individuals deal with life events.

Assessment overview:

Health & Social care services and values

LAA – Understand the different types of Health & Social care services and barriers to accessing them.

LAB – Demonstrate care values and review their own practice.

Assessment overview:

Health and Well-being

Process and interpret data, in order to be able to assess an individual’s health and then design a plan to improve the individual’s health and well-being.


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