The roots of the Arts are embedded in human nature and are a powerful tool when driving forward student success in the modern world. Contemporary facilities and teaching methods lead to an innovative curriculum which encompasses forward thinking, positivity and creative responses to change.

The Arts (Art, Creative Writing & Learning, Dance, Drama, Digital Arts, Media & Music) work collaboratively to equip students with a range of skills for life, future education and cultural experiences. An outstanding provision of learning and opportunities throughout the whole school is provided to promote progression in the arts at both key stages in and out of curriculum time.

We strive to develop respectful relationships between students, staff, artists and the local & national communities, driving forward and continuously responding to change.

Our vision is for every student, at any level, with any need, to enjoy, explore and express themselves creatively through the Arts. This leads to increased confidence and self-esteem, showcasing talent through the mediums of live performances both in and out of the school setting, audio recording, media releases, internet broadcasts, films, radio and exhibitions.

An ingrained environment of positivity and challenge within the arts empowers students with a thirst for success.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

Intro to performance, group projects, themed based activities, building confidence within all disciplines.

Themes and issues such as bullying, Status, Staging, composing, mime, blame and animals are all part of the Year 7 curriculum.

Developing themes, ideas, knowledge and understanding within all disciplines.

Themes and issues such as drugs and alcohol, Hillsborough, war, masks, stock characters, caring for our world are all part of the Year 8 curriculum.

Preparation year for RSL Course. Learners will rehearse, perform and evaluate their work alongside this.

Scripted work, large scale performances and forming bands are some of the activities learners will take part in.

Key stage 4 – Year 10 and 11 – RSL Level 1 & 2 – Dance & Acting
External Assessment – 50% Specialist unit – 50%  
Live Performance

Choreography or Performing Text

Key stage 4 – Year 10 and 11 – RSL Level 1 & 2 – Music Performance
External Assessment – 40% Internal Core Unit – 30% Specialist Unit – 30%
Live Music Performance

Music Knowledge Development

Instrumental Study or Composing Music


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We would encourage all students to spend time at home reviewing their learning and trying to work through any misunderstandings or areas of difficulty, before then discussing them in school with their teacher.

The following links will help students to find information and other learning resources to support their learning:

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