Equipped, Ethical, Empowered

At Rhyddings our curriculum intends to provide our pupils with a broad and balanced educational experience that embraces the skills and knowledge needed for them to understand, interpret and flourish in the world in which they live.

The curriculum is rooted in our values, The Rhyddings Way, principles and key knowledge leading a learning process focused on a deeper understanding in all subjects. The curriculum supports our ‘Rhyddings Way’ values and achieves the aspirations of our amazing young people.

A deep and rich learning curriculum is characterised by the sequencing, spacing, retrieval and retention of knowledge and skills. As we recognise that ability and intelligence develop and are malleable, pupils revisit and build on key concepts to ensure information and skills learnt become deep-seated.


Our curriculum is based on three elements (The Three Keys):

• Equipped, Educational Currency

This provides all children with the opportunity to acquire:
1. The communication and numeracy skills needed for their lives.
2. Cognitive development and powerful knowledge in their academic, arts, physical, vocational and extra-curricular interests
3. Personal and social cultural capital in their academic, arts, physical, vocational and extra-curricular interests

Pupils at Rhyddings are constantly challenged across the curriculum in their learning and drive for greater knowledge. We expect our pupils to fulfil their potential and learn to overcome any barriers that may limit their aspirations in the pursuit of higher levels of education, wider social mobility and increased employment ambitions.


• Ethical, Character Development

This provides all children with the opportunity to:
1. Prepare them personally and socially for the next steps in their lives and further study/employment
2. Develop a sense of moral purpose and respectfulness
3. To develop critical thought, problem solving, resilience and the transfer of skills

The Values of the Rhyddings Way provide an ethos to nurture their character, and our curriculum is driven by achieving the high standards through high challenge and rigour for all. We will promote their physical and emotional well-being, personal safety, independence and creativity. As a Holocaust Beacon School we are committed to the view that our understanding of the Holocaust is an important contribution to our young people’s education and ethical development as British citizens.


• Empowered, Community Collaboration

This allows all children to be able to:
1. Play an aspirational and fully inclusive role within society and demonstrate a manner to be comfortable with their ambitions and principles.
2. Be socially active and aware, with a sense of personal responsibility and community engagement
3. To be ready for the grand challenges of the 21st Century

We want our pupils to have a firm understanding of British society as democratic citizens. It is essential that our pupils are empowered with the necessary knowledge and skills which extends to the care, advice and support that we offer. In, out and away from lessons, our curriculum will ensure that pupils succeed at their highest educational and personal levels to move on, as knowledgeable, resilient and employable young people beyond Rhyddings.


“When the curriculum lacks coherence, it is both harder to teach and harder for children to locate and place their new knowledge”

V Robinson (Prof. of Education, Auckland University, NZ


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