Welcome to the Covid-19 information page.
Here you will find details about how school fully reopened after lockdown, in accordance with government guidelines, and updated information about pupil Covid-19 home testing.


Home testing

Now that in-school Covid testing has ended we will be supplying pupils with Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests to use at home. Pupils should test themselves every 3-4 days (twice per week) and it may help if they develop a routine eg. every Sunday and Wednesday evening.

Useful information:

  • Covid home testing FAQ – here
  • Privacy notice – how pupil data is used – here
  • Step by step guide to using the LFD test – here
  • How to carry out the test – graphical overview – here


Reporting a test:

First report to NHS Track & Trace…

 and then to School


Returning to school after lockdown

Our priority is to ensure the safest possible return and how we will be organising school to ensure this.

Each year group in years 7-9 will be treated as individual ‘bubbles; and year 10 and 11 as a combined ‘bubble’.

School transport has been arranged for each bubble to travel separately and with staggered start and finish times. This also allows us to keep each year group physically separated both in transit and in school.

Inside the building we have ‘zoned’ areas for each year group and classes. Years 7-9 will have consistent classroom bases and teachers will move to them to dramatically cut down pupil movement.

The school day and timings for each individual year group, with staggered breaks and lunchtimes will operate but also allow for a full curriculum offer.

Enhanced hygiene and Covid prevention and management risk assessments are fully in place but in accordance to both Government and LCC requirements.

Please do read through the information provided and do not hesitate to contact school for further information.


Click the title link to view each document. A summary of each is below:



Contains: An overview of our principles approach to reopening school


Providing Remote Education

Contains: Information on how learning will continue under lockdown via live online lessons, how work is set and assessed and processes for self-isolating pupils to continue with their learning.


Keeping Pupils Safe

Contains: Key guidance year group ‘bubbles’, the health, safety and hygiene measures being taken. Information on Covid management, school uniform, pupil movement, transport, face coverings and catering



Contains: Information on how pupils return, the phased return and start dates for each year group


Working Together

Contains: Curriculum, pastoral and behaviour information, particularly changes for Year 11. Remote or blended learning and the adjusted timings of the school day for each year group.



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