Computer Science

We believe that by introducing and teaching learners about new types of technology we are providing them with skills for life that will support them to make use of new technologies in their future studies and careers.

Computer Science is a new and exciting field of study. Children should be aware that computers are involved in a vast array of everyday devices as well as some specific and highly technical applications.  At Rhyddings, we offer students essential knowledge about principles and application of computing, combined with a knowledge and understanding of digital literacy.


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

My Digital World

Computer Hardware

Advanced Scratch

Python Programming

Binary Bits and Bobs

Intro to HTML

My Digital World -Part Two

Back to the future

Computer Network

Python Programming

Advanced Scratch



Creating multimedia products

Advanced Python

Website creation


Key stage 4 – Year 10 and 11  – OCR Computer Science
Paper 1 – Computer Systems. Paper 2 – Paper 3 –
This component will introduce pupils to the Central Processing Unit (CPU), computer memory and storage, wired and wireless networks, network topologies, system security and system software. It is expected that learners will become familiar with the impact of Computer Science in a global context through the study of the ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns associated with computer science. This component incorporates and builds on the knowledge and understanding gained in J276/01, encouraging pupils to apply this knowledge and understanding using computational thinking. Pupils will be introduced to algorithms and programming, learning about programming techniques, how to produce robust programs, computational logic, translators and facilities of computing languages and data representation. Pupils will become familiar with computing related mathematics. N/A


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We would encourage all students to spend time at home reviewing their learning and trying to work through any misunderstandings or areas of difficulty, before then discussing them in school with their teacher.

The following links will help students to find information and other learning resources to support their learning:

BBC Bitesize – ICT 

BBC Bitesize – Computer Science 

Code Academy 

Invent with Python 

Code Hero 

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