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It is our aim to deliver a syllabus that encourages the acquisition of knowledge, skills and concepts appropriate to the age group. It is also of huge importance to us to nurture a growth mindset in our learners, that is, the belief that an individual does not have a pre-defined level of skills, but that by being challenged and by trying hard, we can always get better. We endeavour to “get it”.

We change our words to change our mindset – if it’s difficult, we’re learning and if we don’t think we can’t do it at that point, we add the word…YET. We set challenge, encourage co-operation, respond to the work of others, learn new techniques and work in a variety of media. We strive to build confidence, resilience and creativity.

Students come to two lessons of Art & Design each week throughout the whole of Key Stage 3. They undertake a series of tasks in the first half-term which enables us to make a sound baseline assessment, from which appropriately challenging targets may be set. A range of topics and themes enable students to develop confidence combined with subject skills

Themes vary; sometimes, work stems from a technique, a style or a skill. Culture and current events or trends can be the basis of our work; we also learn in response to the work of other artists, craftspeople, designers or photographers. We aim to tailor the work to the group of learners in front of us, consequently, we cover our curriculum in many different ways from year to year.

Each student has a high quality sketchbook and information charting progress and targets.


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Baseline assessment; line, tone, observation and acquisition of skills in a variety of media; colour, painting skills, annotation, layout and balance; graphics.

“Drawing for Purpose”; the Figure and Face; imaginative, stylized, referenced drawing; annotation, looking at and responding to the work of others, sketchbook layout and “prepsheets” to look forward to GCSE.

Art in Industry – how the subject and skills support many career paths. Responding to the work of others. Clay/ construction work.
Key stage 4 – Year 10 and 11
Component 1 y10 – Natural forms revisited; Typography; War Art (links with English Literature Anthology), connections, development of ideas, Fine art; referencing, composition, annotation. Observational work, expressive work, investigative work. Further exploration of new media. Component 1 y11 – Printmaking. Component 2 y11 – Externally Set Assignment.


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