At Rhyddings, Health & Social Care is part of the options curriculum for students in Years 9, 10 &11.

We believe that by introducing and teaching learners about aspects of personal development from birth to the end of life, and relevant information about the Health, Social care and early Years sectors we are providing students with skills, knowledge and understanding in contexts that are directly relevant to employment situations. This further enhances their choices for further progress at college in one of the given areas and so increases their employability within the health, social care and early year’s sector.

Students in Year 11 are on the OCR GCSE, where coursework represents 60% of their overall grade. Their exam that is undertaken at the end of year 11 is worth 40%. There are lots of revision materials and past exam papers on our website under the revision section.


Staff in Health & Social Care

Mrs Crawshaw – Lead Subject Teacher


The Health & Social Care Year 9 & 10 Curriculum (BTEC)

Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4
Year 9 Introduction to Health & social care – Step into the NHS competition


Human lifespan and development

End of topic assessment

Factors affecting growth and development

End of topic assessment

Life events and coping with life events

End of topic assessment

Year 10 Human lifespan and development


Preparation for external assessment – life events

Component 1 A1 & A2

Coping with life events

External assessment

Component 1 B1 & B2

Services that support people,

Barriers and how to overcome them

External assessment Component 2 A1 & A2

The Health & Social Care GCSE Curriculum for current Year 11


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 10


GCSE (OCR) A911 Controlled Assessment

  • Task 2 & Task 3
A911 Controlled Assessment

  • Task 3 (continued) & Task 4
A911 Controlled Assessment

  • Tasks 1 & 5

Year 11


GCSE (OCR) Unit A912

  • Human Growth and Development – factors that affect health & wellbeing
Unit A912 continued

  • Self esteem
  • Relationships and how they affect health and wellbeing
Unit A912 continued:

  • Types of support- formal/ informal
  • Examination preparation

Useful Health & Social Care links:

We would encourage all students to spend time at home reviewing their learning and trying to work through any misunderstandings or areas of difficulty, before then discussing them in school with their teacher.