In Mathematics each year group is set in ability groups to allow students to be challenged and stretched to achieve their maximum potential. These sets are monitored at regular intervals throughout the year.

Lower school students study across the four main areas of Mathematics, Number, Algebra, Shape, Space & measure and Handling data. There is an increasing focus on using and applying Mathematics in real life situations.

Upper school students follow the Edexcel linear GCSE course.

Each year group has opportunities throughout the year to access Maths learning in our dedicated computer suite and we also utilise Netbooks and iPads within the classroom.


Staff in Maths

Miss Jackson – Lead Subject Teacher
Mrs Bancroft – Teacher
Mrs Dutton – Teacher
Mr Mercer – Teacher
Mrs Whelan – Teacher
Mr Ellison – Teacher


The Maths Curriculum








Useful Maths links:

We would encourage all students to spend time at home reviewing their learning and trying to work through any misunderstandings or areas of difficulty, before then discussing them in school with their teacher.