It’s been a big week for students earning Vivos, with nearly 3000 being awarded to students across the school. Congratulations to our top 10 earners for the week:


It looks like Year 7 are streaking ahead – Mrs Reilly must be very happy about that! Congratulations also to our top 5 form groups: 7RM, 7BN, 7AG, 8CW and 7KC. Our senior students have a bit of catching up to do – 7RM alone were awarded over 400 Vivos!

A reminder that if you are ordering your rewards from the ‘My School’ section of the vShop, you need to collect them from me after school Monday-Thursday. Keep an eye on other rewards that you purchase as some items require you to download an Argos voucher after purchase, and these vouchers do have an expiry date.

Finally, thank you to the students who have put their names forward to become Vivo Ambassadors. I’ll get you together next week to start talking about your roles.

Miss Bedwell.