On Wednesday 23 April, students in Year 10 took part in the Wasted Lives session run by Lancashire Constabulary and Lancashire Fire and Rescue. The programme aims to educate young people about the dangers of drink and drug driving, and also about the effect that these substances can have hours after being ingested.

Students first of all watched as the Fire and Rescue Service use the jaws of life to remove the ‘casualty’ (brave volunteer Mr Munir). They explained the procedure as Mr Munir went from being covered by a protective cloth in the vehicle, to the doors and roof being removed and finally Mr Munir being stretchered out. Following this, Mick from Lancashire Constabulary spoke to students about a particular incident, which involved 18 year old Matt Alston going out for drinks one evening, and then driving his car the following morning, unknowingly still over the drink driving limit. Sadly, he did not survive the accident. Students were shown the wreck of Matt’s car and Mick also explained about the impact of this crash on many other people – including the two people in the vehicle he hit, his family, and the emergency service workers who attended the scene.

Finally, students returned to the Venue where Mr Munir explained how it felt to be cut out of the car. Claire from Lancashire Constabulary, along with Mick, also gave other examples of particular accidents that stuck in their minds, again reminding students of the dangers involved in combining risky activity and driving.

We would like to thank Claire, Mick and Chris from Lancashire Fire and Rescue, as well as all of the other men and women who took the time to demonstrate the car being cut apart. For some it was a very emotional day, and we are proud of the maturity demonstrated by our students as they watched and listened.