The number of mobile phones appears to be increasing again, particularly ‘out and about’ on the corridors / yards / toilets.

To address this, please can we all remind our students and parents of the following information:

Using mobile phones in the classroom / learning environment:

Mobile phones must only be used for learning if given the ‘go ahead’ by staff using the ‘green card’ system. Otherwise, phones must be switched off and kept in students’ bags or blazers.

Headphones are only permitted as a tool for learning in the classroom / learning environment. This does not include using headphones to listen to music and this will not be permitted.

Out and about in school:

Mobile phones should be switched off and out of sight.

Students not complying with these simple requests will be asked to hand over his / her phone to a member of staff. Students must arrange with their parent(s)/ guardian(s) to collect the phone at the end of the school day from main reception.

Thank you,

Mrs Nuttall.