Last half term was a big one for students earning Vivos. Across the school students earned over V13 000! Year 7 streaked ahead of the other year groups, earning just short of V4000 on their own!

half term year group feb 2014

Congratulations also to our top earning students for the half term:

half term top 10 students feb 2014

We are gearing up towards Gold Club reward lunches. Keep earning your Vivos to join the club – remember that Year 7 students need to have earned at least V500, and Year 8-11 need V100.

From Monday, prom discount vouchers will be available in the vShop for Year 11 students. You will be able to purchase as many vouchers as you like – vouchers will be available for £1, £2 and £3 off your ticket. You need to spend them or lose them Year 11! Your account will be deactivated the day after the last exam, so using them for prom tickets is a good way to spend them.

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There are lots and lots of outstanding purchases waiting to be collected. Please come and get them before or after school, any day except Monday.

Keep earning and happy spending!
Miss Bedwell.