It’s been an exciting start to the term, with lots of Vivos being awarded around the school. Each of our top Vivo earners from last week earned themselves at least V50 each in just one week! Well done to our top five students:

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1. Austin Moore (10PF)
2. Josh Slater (8LP)
3. Umar Gul (10LM)
4. Millie Landon (11AB)
5. Jack Barnes (9DS)

Congratulations also to our top five forms: 7AG, 7VG, 10PF, 7JY and 8LP.

This week we’ve had two students join the Vivo Gold Club – Callum Duxbury (10SB) and Kiran Akbar (11MC). Remember that you need to have earned V1000 if you’re in years 8-11, or V500 if you’re in year 7, in order to join the Gold Club. We’ll be doing reward lunches later in the year, and we’re working on some new Gold Club rewards as well.

Please remember to pick up any rewards that you have purchased from me – Tuesday-Friday, before or after school only.

Miss Bedwell.