It looks like Year 11 have slipped out of the league tables again – what a shame! Congratulations to our top earners for this week:

weekly top 10 22 november 2013


There are lots and lots of outstanding orders in the vShop. You must collect your orders by Friday 06 December or they will be cancelled. I can not purchase more items for the store until those that have been ordered have been collected, so make sure you come and get them! You can collect them Tuesday – Friday, before and after school. Items that are sent by Vivo will be delivered to you – collecting them only applies if you have purchased from the ‘My School’ section of the vShop.

We’ll be doing our first Gold Club reward lunch after Christmas, so keep earning your Vivos to join the club – you to have earned V500 if you’re in Year 7, and V1000 if you’re in Years 8-11. Year 11 should also be thinking about earning Vivos to help pay for their prom tickets later in the year!