We had a great start to the year with Vivo with a whopping V24 200 awarded to students last half term! Our year 7 students are leading the way in the league tables, with all year 7 forms taking up space in the top 10. Congratulations to the following forms:

1. 7AGnew logo
2. 7VG
3. 7JY
4. 8LH
5. 7HN
6. 8RP
7. 10NA
8. 10GC
9. 10SB
10. 8LP

Congratulations also to our top earners for last half term: Amanda Capstick (8LH), Thomas Gales-Ellis (7AG), Tamzin Riley (7AG), Courtney Abbott (11KC), Megan Heyes (10GC), Asfandyar Ahmed (8LH), Millie Landon (11AB), Callum Duxbury (10SB), Sara Greenhalgh (11SF) and Julie Walker (10NA).

Finally, a big shout out to the staff who awarded the most Vivos last half term – Mrs Crawshaw, Mr Perry, Mrs Prescott, Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Jones.

Lots of students are very close to Gold Club membership – keep earning your Vivos to join the club.

Miss Bedwell.