The vShop is open again! All students can now spend their hard-earned Vivos on lots of products – if you aren’t sure how, come down to the Zone to see me. Remember that you can pick up rewards that you’ve purchased before or after school, any day except Mondays.

It’s the end of the month and the league tables are looking interesting. Year 7 are streaking ahead, and year 11 are in second place!

september 2013 year group summary

Leading the from group league table is 7VG, followed by 7AG, 7JY, 8LP and 7HN. Congratulations also to the top earning students in September – Courtney Abbott (11KC), Millie Landon (11AB), Bethany Beresford (7VG), Chloe Metcalfe (7JY) and Jodie Bradshaw (8LP).

We’re looking to include new benefits for Gold Club membership this year, so keep earning your way towards it. You need to earn a minimum of V500 if you’re in year 7, and V1000 for all other year groups.