Dear parents and students,

An exciting new opportunity for our students is now available. It is an Award that helps with transferable skills to employment, education or training once students have left school.

There will be a ceremony in April where students will be presented with their certificates.

Details of the award are below: –


  • To develop and engage the awareness within our students, the importance of workskills;
  • To recognise and reward the skills and knowledge that our students demonstrate;
  • To raise the profile of our students and their skills in a growing employment market; and
  • To engage partnerships with our local community for the benefit of our students looking at the ethos of ‘Every Child Matters’.


  • Three levels
    • Bronze (achieving 4 of the below)
    • Silver (achieving 5 of the below)
    • Gold (achieving 6 or over of the below)
  • Level of award will be based on achievement and work skills demonstrated in the following 6 areas during September to February of Year 11:
Achievement/Attribute Success Criteria
School attendance 95% and over              MANDATORY
Punctuality to school 96% and over              MANDATORY
Attitude to learning 4 and over  (on a 7 point scale)
Business Interview Participated in            AND PASSED
CV produced Participated in            AND PASSED
Community service Voluntary work (V-inspire)

If any one has any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

J Bury.