This week was the Mystery Box challenge – students were told in advance that they would be cooking with either chicken, beef or fish, but wouldn’t know which one until they showed up on the day. Contestants had to prepare recipes that could be used for any of the options. Unlike last year, where all students cooked with the same protein, we had a ‘lucky dip’, and students picked either beef or fish.

Once again, it was a very difficult choice for myself and Mr Scott (who helpfully stood in for Miss Greenhalgh and then for Mr Fielding, who must have forgotten he was judging!). Congratulations to all students who took part, and well done to those who have made it through. Next week is the quarter final, and we will have a special guest or two joining us. It’s not long to go now before we crown our Masterchef 2013! Our quarter finalists are:

Kizzy Bradley
Declan Jones
Morgan Herne
Daisy Clemson
Charlotte Allonby
Luke Tomlinson