Attend one of ATOM’s Low-Cost High-Yield Career Development, UKCAT/BMAT and/or UCAS Preparation Conferences for Year 11, 12 & 13 students.

ATOM Conference

Advanced Topics on Medicine (ATOM) 2012/13 Conferences

ATOM Career Development & UCAS Preparation Days:
LOCATIONS: University of Bristol (Saturday 27th October 2012)
University of Oxford (Sunday 28th October 2012)
University College London (Saturday 3rd November 2012)
University of Cardiff (Saturday 9th February 2013)
University of Cambridge (Sunday 10th February 2013)
University of Edinburgh (Saturday 16th February 2013)
University of Manchester (March 2013 Date TBC)
University of Newcastle (March 2013 Date TBC)
University of Southampton
(March 2013 Date TBC)

COST: From £69 per student (includes lectures, practicals & handouts)
REGISTER: Please visit to learn more about ATOM and to register for any of our conferences
CONTACT: Please contact us on 0845 021 3963 or email us at with questions

We look forward to seeing some of your students at one or more of the ATOM 2012/13 conferences.