By now you should be able to identify the Senior Students and their prominent roles within the school; these students are responsible for assisting teachers by providing support and are available to any student that is in need of the same style of assistance. The type of support that it is provided can be both education and emotional. A Senior Student should be able to help any student with any sort of problem. The Senior Students are recognizable by their red ties.

There are 16 Senior Students in total and are all dedicated to a certain year  groups:

  • Year 7 Senior Students are Declan Cunningham, Aliya Nasser and Memona Khan.
  • Year 8 Senior Students are Katie Allonby, Anisha Khan and Sohail Zaman.
  • Year 9 Senior Students are Amy Braysford, Siddeequah Kazi and Johnathon Holbrook.
  • Year 10 Senior Students are Jessica Hatton, Jessica More and Matthew Kershaw.
  • Year 11 Senior Students are Emily Smith, Sarah Slater, Chantel Cottrill, Eric Morris, Awais Akhtar, Hassan Tahir and Jack Harris.

All the Senior Students are here to help!