• As and A Levels
  • Apprenticeships
  • Vocational BTEC
  • A Job

A Levels – AS (Advanced Subsidary) and A (Advanced) Level qualifications focus on traditional study skills.  They take two years to complete full time and you can choose from a wide range of academic subjects.  At the end of the AS year, which is your first year, you have two options – take the AS level as the final qualification  or continue to the second year and go for the full A level.

Each college and 6th form have differing GCSE requirements for entry – see each prospectus for the different details, but usually it’s 5 GCSE’s A-C including Maths and English.  However, some request a higher level of attainment.

Apprenticeship – this is a work based learning programme which enables the apprentice to earn a wage, gain on the job experience whilst learning new skills which will lead to a nationally recognised qualification.  Apprenticeships have no set duration as the time taken will depend on the ability of the apprentice and the employer’s requirements.  The minimum pay is £100 per week, however the most recent survey showed that on average an apprentice can earn £170 per week.

Vocational Qualifications – these offer students a more practical programme, equipping students with skills that relate directly to job roles or industry.  Emphasis is put on coursework  rather than examinations.  There are different types of vocational qualifications that are offered by a number of different awarding bodies.  Each college and 6th form has their own entry requirements for each course and these will be set out in their prospectus.

Should you require any more information about the above please do not hesitate to contact me at School.

Joanne Bury
Exam/IAG Officer