This week was Oriental week, and the standard of food just keeps getting better! We travelled South East Asia on a plate, from Vietnam with Mr Paterson’s Pork Bun Cha, to Thailand with Mrs Greenwood’s Thai Waterfall Beef Salad, and to Japan with the range of sushi prepared by Mrs Jolly. Well done to all of the competitors – it was a great week!

Unfortunately, it is a competition and we had to say goodbye to someone. Miss Greenhalgh and I had planned on dropping two competitors this week, but we couldn’t split it! In the end Mr Scott has (finally!) lost his place; we will have to drop three people next week to make up for the extra one!

Next week’s challenge is another take on the students’ mystery box challenge, however instead of knowing that they will be cooking either beef, chicken or fish and bringing the rest of their own ingredients, they will have to choose only from the ingredients that we prepare – it’s like Masterchef meets Ready, Steady, Cook!