Last night saw the start of the staff version of Rhyddings Masterchef. Similar to the students, the staff were asked to bake a cake – unlike the students, however, this caused lots of stress! Mr Trickett and Mr Ainsworth started panicking last week in fact!

We had some excellent creations, from Mr Paterson’s peanut butter cake to Mrs Fletcher’s chocolate fudge cake, and then there was Mrs Jolly’s Victoria sandwich – delicious! All of the cakes were fabulous, despite attempts at cheating and sabotage – and forgotten bananas (yes, that was you, Mr Trickett!).

Well done to Mr Trickett, Mr Ainsworth, Mrs Nuttall, Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Greenwood, Mrs James, Mr Perry, Mrs Jolly, Mr Paterson and Mr Scott (who turned up late, disrupted everybody, made his cake in a microwave and still managed to pull it off!) who are through to next week, when the theme will be Oriental dishes. Unfortunately Mrs Lanoe and Mrs Hopkinson haven’t made it through this week – better luck next time!