Today year 7 were able to present a cheque worth £781.45 to Frances Seth, a volunteer from Save the Children.

The year 7 group at Rhyddings held a charity day on Friday 10th February; the year group went to great lengths to raise money for their chosen charity – Save the Children.  The seven forms were in competition with each other to see who could raise the largest amount of money over a period of two weeks.  7TS won this competition by raising £260, there are only 21 students in this form!!

The students held sponsored events, cake sales, guess the numbers of sweets in a jar, fancy dress, an interform quiz (won by 7TS again) and achieved so much by raising such a large sum of money in such difficult financial times.  Their head of year Amanda Preston was extremely proud of them,  ‘I can’t tell you how excited the children were and how proud of them I am. As relative newcomers to the school they have made a great impression, it might take the whole school to raise this kind of money elsewhere’.

Students on the photo are from left to right: George Berry, Josh Lee, Cameron Ashworth, Subhan Mahmood, Kieran Hunter-Love, Frances Seth (volunteer from Save the Children), Elle Blair, Aisha Ahmed, Ruby Wilkinson, Autumn Bibby, Tanya Khan, Damon Smith and Nicole-Dion Allison-Howard.