Dear Parent

I’d like to tell you about our new school book club. We have started it because we think it will be an excellent way to encourage reading at home, and we hope you’ll support it enthusiastically.

It’s different because it’s an online club. You’ll find it at As soon as you arrive, you’ll find an easy-to-use site with age-coded sections packed with the best books for children. They really are the pick of the bunch – books chosen because they’re great reads for children.

You’ll discover that many books are reduced considerably in price too.

It’s not just your child who will benefit from our new club. Every time you buy books through the site, we benefit too: 20% of the value of every book you buy comes to us to help us buy more books for the school. If lots of parents participate, it could make a real difference to our school reading resources.

What’s more, some of the UK’s best-loved children’s authors, including Michael Morpurgo, are supporting this new club. What more reason do you need to give it a try?

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.