Rhyddings has been chosen for Lancashire Book of the Year!

This is an exciting award that is exclusively judged by young people, for young people. It gives students the chance to read, dicuss, debate and nominate their OWN winner for this years award. How fab is that?!

Some wonderful Year 9 students have volunteered to have a go at representing Rhyddings and are currently zooming through lots of new books for 2012. Congratulations to you bunch of superstars!

But that does not stop the rest of you from coming to the school library and picking up a decent read!

Here is some food for thought…

Readers have:

The right not to read
The right to skip pages
The right to not finish
The right to reread
The right to read anything
The right to escapism
The right to read anywhere
The right to browse
The right to read out loud
The right not to defend your tastes

Punnac, Daniel. The Reader’s Bill of Rights.