Congratulations to year 11 for winning the weekly attendance race against Yr 10. Yr 11 93.5% Yr 10 91.7%. Thanks for the opportunity to keep Mrs Cryne from giving me earache. Keep up the good work and show them whippersnappers who are the best.

Your November exams will soon be here please take the opportunity to do plenty of revision over the next few weeks and boost your chances of achieving your best.

Don’t forget to attend the various college and sixth form open evenings.

Congratulations to Mrs Bryant’s form for winning the weekly attendance race with 96.8% and retaining the trophy. Mrs Nuttall’s form was second and Mrs Hilary’s third. Come on the rest of you, more effort = more vivos.

On that note if you haven’t opened your Vivo account you need to do so quickly and start saving for the many prizes that are on offer.