We’re getting closer and closer to the first students accumulating V100. The current league table shows years 7 and 8 leading the way – the challenge has been made, KS4 – what are you going to do to bridge the gap? The top 5 students in the school as of 05 October are:

1. Laura Middleton (8SL) – V93

2. Autumn Bibby (7TS) – V90

3. Alannah Gibson (8RY) – V78

4. Ruby Wilkinson (7PB) – V75

5. Chloe Yates (7TS) – V74


Not only are the students from KS4 missing from the league tables at the moment – so are the boys! The top boys as of today are Kyle Livesey (10JY) on V61 – ranked 9th in the school – and Jack Barnes (7RB) on V59 – ranked 10th.

Well done to the top 10 students. What will you do with your Vivos?