The following information has been published to help ease the transition of students between primary and secondary school. If you do not find the required information, please contact the school.


Can my child bring a mobile phone or iPod to school?

Mobile phones and music players can be very useful to children, especially as they are making longer journeys to school but we ask that they are switched off and kept out of sight in bags during lessons. Phones and mp3 players used during lesson times will be confiscated and held at the school office for a parent/guardian to collect. The school bears no responsibility for phones that are lost or damaged.


I’m not sure of the best way for my child to get to school. What advice do you have?

Discuss with your child how they will get to and from school using either the school bus or public transport and maybe have a walk through the route to the bus stop etc. Discuss what time your child needs to get up and the morning routine.  Consider what time your child needs to leave home and what time he /she will return along with the need to come straight home and all issues around staying safe.  If you pick up or drop off your child by car please consider the impact this has in terms of traffic, the environment and danger at the school gate, it is safer to drop them off or meet them a little way from the school gate rather than dice with the buses and crowds or cause an obstruction stopping on a yellow line.


The school site is much bigger than the primary school. How will my child find their way around?

The site is relatively large but staff and students are very helpful and students soon find their way around. It may sound daunting but it is not. On the first day there won’t be any other main school students in school and the form tutors will help your child get their bearings with full school tour.


What are the uniform arrangements?

Our uniform policy is outlined here.

What’s the biggest change about moving to secondary school?

The main thing to think about is that as your son/daughter makes the transition from primary to secondary school, she/he will need to take much more responsibility for their self. The summer holiday is a good time to encourage and continue to develop organisation skills, independence, confidence and social skills to mix, make new friends and maintain existing friendships.


Does the school provide all the pens/pencils etc that my child will need?

No, students must carry their own with them including the basic requirements of two pens (blue or black), a pencil and ruler. The school shop is open from 8.35am each morning for students to purchase stationery at discounted prices.


I’m worried about my child having to organise themselves. What advice do you have?

The key to a child’s organisation is their school planner/diary which has their timetable in. They should pack their bag in the evening with the correct books, kit and equipment and check all their homework due is has been done. This is a really good way of ‘putting the working day to bed’ so your child can have some important time to unwind in the evening knowing they are set up for the following day, during what can be a little bit of a stressful time for an 11 year old. Please check and sign their planner every week.


What do the children do at break and lunch?

Students can eat food purchased at school in the dining room, or their packed lunches in the sandwich room. They are also free to find a place for themselves either inside or outside, depending on the weather. Students can also access the Social Learning Base during break and lunch times. There are a variety of supervised activities every day, alongside on-going inter-form competitions. More information regarding this will be provided as the school year commences.


What time do students have lunch?

Currently there is a split lunch system in place at Rhyddings, broken over two half-hour slots. The slot can vary from day to day across their weekly timetable, as it is dependent upon which subject the student has during period 4 of each day. Their form tutor will cover this with them on the first day, and staff will ensure that students are aware of their lunch times each day.


My child is a fussy eater. What are the options for lunch?

Children can have school lunch or packed lunch. The school lunches are delicious and have healthy choices at a very reasonable cost. Excitingly for students from primary school there is a wide choice in the canteen. Talk to them about choosing sensibly and managing their money. If you think you are entitled to free school meals but don’t know how to apply, please contact us and let us help you get this entitlement. Rhyddings operates a cashless system in the dining room; students are set up to use the fingerprint system for payment. Parents can top up accounts using ParentPay.


What should they bring to school on their first day?

Please arrive in full school uniform and with an appropriate coat. Pupils will need a school bag and pencil case containing their pens, pencil, ruler, and any other stationery items. Please bring either a packed lunch or money for a school lunch. If pupils bring a water bottle it must have a sports cap on it. Pupils will also need a bus pass or money if they wish to travel on the buses.


Students will be issued with a school planner and timetable on their first day.


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