Staffing Committees

ALL GOVERNING BODIES should have established committees to consider;

  • Staff attendance and discipline/dismissal
  • Staff appeals
  • Staff grievance
  • Pay
  • Pay Appeals
  • Complaints Appeals
  • Staffing Review/Dismissal (redundancy)
  • Performance Management (Committee of Appointed Governors)

These committees usually only meet as and when required but the Committee of Appointed Governors must meet at least once a year to review and set the objectives for the headteacher. Good practice suggests that it should also meet at least termly to monitor progress with the headteacher.

Because the business/decision of one committee may lead into consideration by another committee, membership of some committees must not overlap. For example, a member of the Staff Discipline/Dismissal Committee cannot be a member of the Staff Discipline/Dismissal Appeals, Complaints Appeals or Grievance Committee.

There may also be occasions where governors nominated to serve on one of the committees listed above cannot be a member of that committee because they have prior knowledge of the matter under consideration.

The quorum of any of these committees is 3 governors, but may be a minimum of 2 in certain circumstances.

The headteacher cannot be a member of these committees.

The chair should not be a member of the Complaints Appeal Committee as he/she will usually have been involved at an earlier stage of the proceedings.

In addition most governing bodies have a Staffing Committee that is one of the working committees which meets at least once a term. The terms of reference for all committees relating to staff follow: