Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Andrew Williams



Mr John Tarbox


Mr Piers Tolson

Executive Headteacher


Deputy Headteacher


Mr Gary Dutton

Assistant Headteacher


Mrs Iffat Ali

Assistant Headteacher


Mrs Heidi Whelan

Assistant Headteacher


Miss Kirsty Garner

School Business Manager


Mrs Linda Hopkins

Extended SLT, Staff Induction, Mentoring,  LST Art

Mrs Catherine O’Loughlin

Extended SLT,  Year 11 Lead, Teacher of English

Ms Gemma Stevens

Miss Kerry Widdowson

Extended SLT, Communication & Literacy, LST English



Mrs Claire Addison 2nd i/c  English and Media Studies

Mr Imran Ashfaq

Lead Subject Teacher of Physical Education

Mr Tim Barnes

Lead Subject Teacher of Geography

Mrs Michelle Barnett

Lead Subject Teacher of Science

Miss Anna Booth

Mrs Claire Boote

Lead Subject Teacher of Performing Arts 

2nd i/c Science

Mr David Charlesworth

Teacher of Maths

Mr Simon Dickinson Lead Subject Teacher of Maths

Mrs Jennifer Cowin

Teacher of Spanish

Mrs Karen Crawshaw

Lead Subject Teacher of Religious Education, Health and Social Care

Mrs Judith Dutton

Teacher of Geography, T&T, BTEC Quality Control

Mrs Fiona Elcomb

Teacher of Maths

Mrs Caroline Finnegan

Lead Subject Teacher of Spanish

Mr Nick Blanchflower

Lead Teacher of Computer Science

Mr Duncan Freeman

Teacher of Science

Mrs Nichola Hallas

Lead Subject Teacher of Design Technology

Miss Jen Carey

Techer of Maths

Miss Abigail Woodcack

Teacher of English

Miss N O’Reilly

Teacher of Science

Mrs Joanne Bleasdale

Miss Claire Marsden

Miss Jenny Mellors

Teacher of Technology including Food Nutrition 

Teacher of History

Lead Subject Teacher of History

Ms Alison Stobbs

Teacher of general subjects

Miss Rose Stuttard

Teacher of PE

Miss Eleanor Watts

Teacher of Geography


Mrs Christine Alderson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rachel Ashworth

Teaching Assistant – The Hub

Mrs Gillian Worthington

Headteacher’s PA

Mrs Nicola Braysford

Site Supervisor Rhyddings – Cleaning

Mr Martin Breckell

Designated Senior Leader / Family Liaison

Mrs Deborah Cornall

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Emma Aylmer

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sharron Cryne

Continent Leader – Asia

Miss Sara Dobson

Teaching Assistant

Miss Carol Embley

Teaching Assistant and Careers Lead

Mrs Kathleen Feathers

Finance Officer/Coordinator Planned Cover

Ms Amanda Greenwood

House Continent Leader – Africa

Ms Charlotte Hammond

Exams Officer/Reporting and Assessment Officer

 Mrs Cathy Scott


Mrs Susan Hargreaves

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kat Haughan

Mrs Diane Jackson

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Siobhan Jones

Teaching Assistant

Mr Ibby Khawaja

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joanne Livesey

Attendance Officer

Mr Dan Lord

Continent Leader – America

Mrs Kath Egerton Continent Leader – Europe

Mrs Sammy McGuiness


Miss Rhea Moores

Science and Design Technology Technician

Mr Soquat Nawab

Network Manager

Mrs Susan Ormerod


Mr Naim Umarji Cover Supervisor

Mrs Sharon Walsh

Catering Manager

Miss Kerry Widdowson


Mr Chris Wood

Miss Lucy Wyeth

Site Supervisor Rhyddings

Behaviour Manager 









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