School Dinners

Each year, the government brings out new recommendations and guidelines for all school kitchens to follow. Our new menus for September, we hope, will be a balance between trying to meet these guidelines and pleasing the children.

School menu options – Winter 2022

Allergy information

Allergen information for all food and drink from our canteen is available here.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the catering at Rhyddings, please feel free to contact the Catering Manager on 01254 231051 ext 138.

Parent Pay

Parents should now have their own mobile friendly My Account, with one balance in one account, for all the family – making it easy to budget for school payments, helping to increase uptake for caterers and schools.


Guidance for Parents (and supporting schools)

The main change for parents is the introduction of a Top-up and pay process. Download the My Account guides for parents:My AccountGeneral Guide (payments for meals, trips etc)

Important: To pay for school meals or other items, parents will need to click ‘Pay for items’ after topping-up My Account (please see image below)

Please be assured all meal credit added to the system, prior to the launch of My Account, can still be found in the child’s ‘Dinner money balance’.

ParentPay have also released a guide for help on topping up accounts which you can download here.

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