Pupil Discipline Committee

The main purpose of this committee is to deal with cases of fixed period or permanent exclusions and therefore the terms of reference are more prescriptive than for the working committees.

The use of italics indicates where, if adopting these terms of reference, the governing body may wish to make an alteration. References are to the notes on pages 13 and 14.


Members of the committee considering a particular case should have no prior knowledge of that incident.

Minimum of 3, excluding the headteacher (who presents the exclusion case(s)).

The remit of this committee can be extended to consider matters other than exclusion hearings in which case the headteacher would be a member of the committee.


The quorum shall be a minimum of 3 governors.


The clerk to the committee shall be responsible for convening any meetings of the committee.

Meetings to consider exclusions are held as and when necessary, within the prescribed timescales.


  1. Exclusions

To deal with cases of fixed period or permanent exclusion of pupils from the school, according to the prescribed procedures.

In all cases, parents have the right to make representations and may, if they wish, be accompanied by a friend.

  • To hear the case, see all relevant documents and allow representation to be made by the parents concerned.
  • To consider and to decide whether to confirm the exclusion, or direct the reinstatement of the pupil, as appropriate to the particular case.
  • To inform parents, the headteacher and the LA of the decision.