Pastoral Care

Rhyddings uses a horizontal form system for Years 7 – 11, meaning that students are in form groups of the same ages. Every pupil is part of a House Continent system so that pupils from all year groups have an opportunity to work together, and in particular support our youngest pupils and foster a sense of belonging. Older students can apply to become Form Buddies. 


Continent Continent Leader Tie Colour
Africa Ms Greenwood Green
Americas Mr Lord Red
Europe Mrs Egerton Blue
Asia Mrs Cryne Yellow

In Year 11, students use form time not just for registration and for being given daily notices, but as short and frequent targeted revision sessions. Year 11 form tutors are all core subject teachers, overseen by Year 11 Progress Leader Mrs O’Loughlin. The form groups change throughout the year in order to allow students to work with teachers of the subjects they need the most assistance with at the time.


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