Attendance Race Winners!

The latest attendance race details are in!  Winners for last half term are: 7LP, 8AN, 9GC, 10SF with 10SF being the overall winners for the whole school.  A big well done to those forms.  Each student in these forms have received an extra 5 vivo’s each with 10SF getting another 5 vivo’s each.  Keep up the good attendance!


It is VITAL that ALL students read their exam timetable to be fully aware of when they are sitting exams. All the information for every subject and relevant exam can be found under PARENTS on the school home page as well as within the timetables already issued to each student.

The times of exams are NOT merely guidelines, they are set by the examination boards. You MUST arrive at school at least 10 minutes before the start time. If you arrive late you run the very real risk of NOT being allowed to sit your exam.

Ms Uttley
Head of Key Stage 4