Mush Up Challenge Competition

There is a new cooking competition open to years 7, 8 and 9.

Mushrooms are a key ingredient in everyday family meals. In fact, simple, healthy family meals are made even simpler and even healthier with the inclusion of mushrooms. The challenge is to put a new, fresh spin on everyday meals by including mushrooms.

You could win a selection of prizes including an iPad, money for cookery equipment in school and your recipe will be published on the website.

If you would like more information, please see Miss Greenhalgh before FRIDAY 28th FEBRUARY.


Wales Trip – Cefn Lea

Unfortunately the trip to Wales has been cancelled this year. We are hoping to run it next year and will be advertising places in October. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Mr Fielding.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day, held this year on Tuesday 11 February, is designed to promote safe, responsible and positive use of technology. There is a lot that both students and parents can do in order to stay safe online.

Part of being a good digital citizen is being aware of how far-reaching the impact of what you post online can be. This includes the immediate impact on both yourself and others, as well as longer term implications – would you want your future employer or college to know every detail of your life?

think before you post

Parents need to be involved in keeping their children safe online. The UK Safer Internet Centre have five top tips for parents:

  1. Talk to your child about their favourite websites. Starting a conversation on a positive foot can lead nicely into a chat about online safety.
  2. If your child loves to use social networking sites, teach them about protecting their personal information by thinking about what they are sharing and who they are sharing it with. Show them how to use privacy settings, and how to block and report – and advise them to only accept friend requests from people they know in real life.
  3. Remind your child that showing respect for others online is just as important as showing it offline. Encourage them to think before they post and encourage them to show positive behaviour online.
  4. There are lots of ways you can advise your child about cyberbullying, if they are worried remind them to save the evidence and to always tell an adult they trust if something upsets them online.
  5. There are ways in which you can help to prevent your child from seeing inappropriate content online. Have you considered parental controls and filtering in your home and also on your children’s portable internet enabled devices?

If you, your child or a student you know is having difficulty with any online issues, please get in touch with Mr Thomas, Mr Mercer, Miss Bedwell or Ms Uttley.

Rhyddings Masterchef Semi Final

The penultimate round of Rhyddings Masterchef 2014 has taken place this evening, and what a performance by the four students! We were joined by guest chef Chris Neary from Hearth of the Ram, who demonstrated a dish of poached and crumbed egg, asparagus and pulled ham. Students were then tasked with replicating this dish – all without a recipe in sight!

The results were extremely close – exactly one point between first and last place. The four students competing were Ryan Richardson, Grace Haworth, Morgan Herne and Jack Barnes. Congratulations to Grace (who scored an average of 26.25 out of 30) and Jack (who scored an average of 26). Unfortunately this means that Morgan (25.75) and Ryan (25.25) have missed out on the final.

Our guest judges, Doreen and Michael from Rotary were very impressed with you all. Miss Greenhalgh and I were thankful to have them as well as Chris to help us judge! We’d like to thank both Chris and Hearth of the Ram for their support in this competition, especially given how much preparation Chris did before showing up to work with our students.

The final will take place next Thursday at North Lancs Training Group. Grace and Jack will be cooking in the professional kitchen and we can’t wait to see what they come up with – and who is crowned Rhyddings Masterchef 2014!

Rhyddings Masterchef – Quarter Finals

This week Miss Greenhalgh and I were joined by Raj from Raj Indian Cuisine and Lounge in Blackburn, as well as two of his chefs. Whilst his chefs got cooking with their demonstration dishes, our chefs got cooking their Quarter Final dishes for Indian week.

We are very thankful for Raj’s continuing support of the Rhyddings Masterchef competition. He has been involved since the inaugural competition, and it’s always useful for us to have another judge to help us decide when it gets as tough as it was tonight!

Unfortunately we could only put four students through to next week’s semi final. Congratulations to Grace Haworth, Morgan Herne, Jack Barnes and Ryan Richardson! Commiserations to Tutu Mukelabai, Thomas Gales-Ellis, Becky Gibson and Luke Tomlinson – we wanted to put all of you through, but tough decisions had to be made.

Next week the semi final will take place on Wednesday evening. Please let your parents know so that they can come and support you! We’ll be emailing the details of the semi final to you shortly, so keep an eye on your school email.

Well done to all students who have participated so far in the competition. We can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Miss Bedwell and Miss Greenhalgh.

Young ‘Uns Car Booties

Do youl have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to raise money for a good cause or to earn some spending money for half term?

On Sunday 16th and Sunday 23rd February, the bustling Clitheroe Collectors’ Market and Car Boot Sale is holding two special “Young ‘Uns Car Booties”.

These indoor events, aimed at recycling and re-use will provide under 16s with a taste of selling their items at a Car Boot Sale. They are the perfect opportunity for a you or a group of your friends to turn unwanted Christmas gifts, computer games, clothes, jewellery or electronic items into some cash – for your nominated good cause or for their half term spending.

For more information on these special events, and to secure a place for a group of accompanied young people from your organisation, please contact Hoyles Promotions on 01253 782828 or visit