Options 2020

The Option process this year…

Mrs Whelan

Whilst I hope you are all working hard on your Home Learning during our closure, we now need to think about your Option choices for next year.

You should all have received the Option booklet through the post last week and a link to that document is included below. 

This week your parents will have received a letter and the Option form through the mail and again, both of these are linked below.

The letter explains how to make your Option choices and who to contact if you need additional information, guidance or support. I appreciate that the circumstances make Options more difficult this year but we are all here to help if you need it.

You can all use the START careers online package (link below) and details of how to log in were in the work for PSHE – Wc 30/03/2020.

When you are ready to make your choices for next year you can either email me (whelanh@rhyddings.co.uk) an electronic copy of the form or you can post the paper copy back to Mrs Hammond at Rhyddings. 


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