Open Evening 2021

A message from the Headteacher

Dear Parent /Carer and Year 6 pupil
Welcome to our school and online information for open evening. I look forward to meeting many of you in person on our Open Evening (Thursday 7th October) but in the meantime you can browse at leisure through the information and video messages from pupils, staff and myself. Please do contact our school if you have further questions or want to discuss anything in particular regarding our school or your application
Best wishes
Andrew Williams

We think Rhyddings is a very special place, but don’t take our word for it…

Rhyddings is an amazing school, the teachers and classes are amazing. At first you think it is going to be stressful but it’s not. My favourite lesson is Art, my favourite teacher is Miss Woodcock – Hajra (Yr7), Hyndburn Park


Rhyddings is wonderful. At first I thought it would be scary but everyone welcomed me. The teachers here are lovely. If you get lost no need to worry, ask someone and they will help you. To the people who didn’t come here you are missing out! – Sanah (Yr7), Springhill

Things I enjoy about Rhyddings is the food, it is yummy and it’s my favourite part in the day! My favourite teacher is Mrs Haughan because she is really nice. The lessons I like are Art, Maths, Computer Science. I like Art because I like drawing and learning how to shade and fade. I like Maths because it is fun and Computer Science because I like computers. I like Science because I’m learning about forces and it’s really cool. Did you know there is a force called thrust and it’s what is stopping us from being stuck to the ground? – Jemma (Yr7), Hippings


I like break and lunchtime, the teachers are excellent. This school has helped me make lots of friends. I thought the teachers would be stressy but they’re not! – Lukasz (Yr7), Roe Lee Park

My name is Safa and I like a lot about Rhyddings. I thought I wouldn’t make any friends but I ended up making loads. I thought it was scary but when I took my first steps I was warmed up because we got help from the teachers showing us the way. – Safa (yr7), Hyndburn


I like doing PE because they really motivate you. Also I didn’t used to enjoy Drama at all but now it’s my second favourite subject! I definitely would recommend this school as the teachers are all nice and the work is not as hard as you think. Spanish is also really good because the teacher treats us. Overall all the classes are amazing and I can think of something good for all of them. If you’re scared about getting lost DON’T WORRY. It isn’t as big as you think. It’s also really good for making friends because you have a big variety of people like you. I can’t wait to do my next five years here. Rhyddings is the right choice. – Matilda (Yr7), West End

Meet some of the newest additions to the Rhyddings family

Meet Akash

Meet Saffron

Meet Joseph

Meet the Junior Leadership team

A message from Megan – our Head Girl

A message from Ibrahim – our Head boy

Mr Tolson explains about the curriculum on offer at Rhyddings

Mrs Stobbs – Head of Transition
Do you want to join us at Rhyddings?
You can now apply to join Rhyddings in Year 7 in September 2022 using the LCC application form – available here.
The deadline for applications is 31/10/2021. Our Open Events begin at 4.30pm on Thursday 7th October, with the online information being available on this website until the application deadline.

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