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Social Learning Base and The Hub

The Social Learning Base exists to facilitate the development of social, emotional and behavioural skills whilst developing communication skills and self confidence.  The environment of the Social Learning Base aims to be secure and predictable, providing vulnerable students with access to a safe space.

The practise of the Nurture Group uses knowledge of attachment theory to support it, providing:

  • Reliable adults who have time to respond to their needs (at whatever developmental stage required)
  • Predictable interactions and routines (or changes which must happen explained clearly and well in advance)
  • Clear boundaries and limitations
  • Specific attachment figures
  • Adults who challenge negative internal models through sensitive interaction


The Social Learning Base caters for a wide range of students:

  • students needing a stepping stone in their transition from primary school
  • students who are new to the school who may have additional needs
  • New admissions who may need support with transition
  • students with additional needs who require support to access the curriculum
  • students with SEMH needs who are not progressing at their expected level
  • students who are experiencing a difficult period of time in their lives
  • students close to exclusion that may benefit from a different approach


Students will have access to the Social Learning Base before school, at break and lunch times, where they may come to socialise with peers or have some quiet time.

The Hub:

This policy reflects the inclusive ethos of Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School, where our principle aim is to maximise the achievements of our students through an individually tailored programme of personalised learning. In the Hub the focus is to engage students with positive learning opportunities, celebrate their success whilst providing a safe, positive and stimulating environment which will foster their independence and enhance their abilities to be successful learners. This is achieved through close cooperation with the Social Learning Base. This enables sustainable transitions into mainstream education and ensuring access to the mainstream curriculum. This is promoted through;

  • Learning subjects in the Hub are the same as the learner’s timetable. The parallel running of subjects allowing transitions back into lesson to be made on an individual basis rather than a fixed time schedule.
  • Initial period of 6-8 weeks time frame to have made progress in direct relation to the attendance that students have in mainstream classes.
  • Classroom rules are applicable and adhered to as expected in the learning environment, clear boundaries are set out and followed.
  • Immediate focus on accessing lessons of interest to the individual student. steps and targets are discussed, and plans made to gradually build up the number of lessons attended.
  • Lessons are delivered in the Hub when it is not appropriate, for a range of reasons, for the student to have access to the mainstream classroom environment. (referral form)
  • Exceptional circumstances, students seek support/ provision when they are experiencing difficulties functioning in mainstream classroom environments, for example because of external factors.


There is a structure pathway regarding learners entering and exiting the Hub provision. This enables learners and staff to monitor and reflect on their individual progress whilst also identifying areas of support.

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