As part of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our students, we have developed a school-based health service within Rhyddings. The school nurse coordinates a multi-agency referral team to ensure that our students receive the best possible help and support.



R U Thinking –
Advice about sex and relationships. Tel: 0800 28 29 30

14-16 Mind, Body & Soul –

Like It Is –
A website designed especially for young people containing information, quizzers and answers to those questions you’ve always wanted to ask about puberty, sex and relationships…

NSPCC There For Me –
If you’ve got worries or need some advice, can help. The site is for all 12-16-year-olds living in the British Isles. It’s to help you find solutions to your problems.


Do you want to stop smoking?
Contact Christine (School Nurse) in her office or telephone 01254 358095 for free confidential help and advice. Also try the Lifebytes and Mind, Body and Soul websites for more help.

Kids Against Tobacco Smoke –
A website from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, especially for children, including information, games and interactive sections.

Drugs and Alcohol

Frank –
Need some information or help with drugs? Talk to Frank.
0800 776600

Also try Lifebytes, Mind, Body and Soul and There4Me.

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

RD4U –
A website designed especially to give help, support and information to young people who know someone who has died.

Read the signs –
Mental health problems are more common than you think. They could affect you, your mates, or anyone you know. Use this website to understand the signs, get info about the issues, read real life stories and find out where to get help.

Also see Lifebytes and Mind, Body and Soul.


If you are being bullied or know of someone who is being bullied, tell a teacher, parent or another adult. If you want some help and advice you can contact
Childline on 0800 1111


Young people should be doing at least 1 hour of exercise per day to keep healthy.

Healthy Eating

For the latest advice on healthy eating visit the following websites

Information for Young People on a wide variety of topics

Lancashire Youth and Community Service –

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