Dear Mr Fielding,

On looking around at secondary schools last year and such a huge decision to make for my daughter’s future in a move from primary to secondary school and her next 5 years of education, we visited a number of schools in the area. All schools have lots of various things to offer the children but what really stood out for me the most was how the teachers interacted on the open evening: they were chatty, friendly, happy to answer any questions asked and I felt comfortable in the environment. This is how I wanted my daughter to feel. At some of the other schools we visited the teachers didn’t interact. These teachers had been at work since very early that morning teaching 100s of children and worked late into the evening and still had a smile on their face that they wanted to be there and were doing a job they loved.

I put Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School down as a choice for my daughter and she was accepted as a student. After the acceptance to the school, she was highlighted as being a very shy pupil from her primary school (around 16 highlighted from 125 children accepted to the school) and she was invited in a week earlier than all the other children so the full transition day wouldn’t be as daunting for her. She had a lovely day in lessons with the other 15 children and I was invited for afternoon tea that had been made for the parents along with the other children. As you can imagine, I knew also that my daughter was a very shy child so it was important for me to make the right choice of school. It’s one of the biggest decisions to make as she could have struggled with the initial transfer into her new school.

My daughter attended summer school for a week with other children for team building. The teachers who ran this event did so in their own time when they should have been enjoying their 6 week holidays with their own families.

On starting the school in September I cannot fault the school, they have been absolutely fantastic. Anything I have been unsure of or needed help/advice on they have helped me with. All the teachers are very approachable and helpful.

My daughter is thoroughly enjoying school and is even enjoying subjects she didn’t enjoy at primary school. She has commented on the lovely teachers who have proved from the open evening this is how they are everyday not just a show for the open evening.

There are lots of incentives for the children to do well at school and prizes/awards for doing well.

My daughter’s glasses broke this week in lesson and the teacher/s took the time out to fix them for her.

The teachers treat the children as children and know about the children individually and not just a number or a pupil.

I know I made the right choice for my daughter in sending her to Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School.

I want to thank the teachers, continent leaders, admin staff & headteacher for everything you do/are doing for not only my child but the 100s of other pupils you work with on a daily basis.

Thank you & regards,

M. James.