Our ethos is that all pupils learn about this exciting subject through a wide variety of skills and experiences. This new knowledge will support their future in an ever growing world of Technology.

The department covers four classrooms over two floors in the D&T and Art Block.  There are specialist facilities including a Design CAD room, laser cutter and Sublimation printing equipment. There are four members of the department-

  • Mrs Hallas- Subject Lead,
  • Mrs Neary- Food Specialist Teacher
  • Ms Hart- Food Technician
  • Ms Moores- D&T / Science technician.

The projects in D&T have been updated with the recruitment of a new Subject Lead from Sept 2017. The aim is for pupils to cover aspects of the new GCSE qualifications by building in the technical theory that is needed from Year 7 right through to Year 11.

All aspects of Materials and Food will be reviewed and updated in July each year.


Key Stage 3

Currently, Year 7 and 8 are allocated half of the year experiencing projects using mixed Materials and the other half of the year they gained knowledge and skills though Food.

Each pupil’s progress in individually tracked and regular one to one feedback is discussed. Pupils are aware of their target grades and through AFL can identify how areas to build on and improve.

All pupils are expected to provide their own ingredients for Food lessons. For safety pupils are expected to wear aprons, goggles and tie back long hair when appropriate. At the end of Year 8 pupils decide if they would like to study Design and Technology at KS4 level, having three years to cover the subject in more detail.


Extra-Curricular in Design and Technology

We aim to encourage pupils to participate in extra competitions and/or clubs after school to build on their enthusiasm and ability in the subject. Each year we offer a range of competitions and trips to related companies/ events. We also organise the Rhyddings ‘MasterChef’ competition during the Spring Term for Years 7-9.