At Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School, Computer Science forms part of the core curriculum for students.  We believe that by introducing and teaching learners about new types of technology we are providing them with skills for life that will be support them to make use of new technologies in their future studies and careers.

Computer science is a new exciting field of study. Children should be aware that computers are involved in a vast array of everyday devices as well as some specific and highly technical applications.  At Rhyddings, we offer students essential knowledge about principles and application of computing; combined with a knowledge and understanding of digital literacy.


Staff in Computer Science

Mr Thomas – Lead Subject teacher
Mr Finnegan – Teacher
Ms Addison –Teacher


The Computer Science Curriculum

In lower school the course consists of the following modules split into the two distinct areas of Computing and Digital Literacy.


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 7

  • My Digital World- Part one
  • Computer Hardware
  •    Python Programming
  • Advanced Scratch
  •  Binary Bits and Bobs
  • Intro to HTML

Year 8

  • My Digital World -Part Two
  • HTML and CSS
  • Python Programming
  • Advanced Scratch
  • Back to the future
  • Computer Networks


Based on the knowledge and understanding gained in lower school,students work towards a GCSE in ICT Current Exam Board: Edexcel  (2018) or the Certificate in Digital Applications (2019)
These courses enable students to build upon their digital literacy knowledge and demonstrate their creative skills.

Year 9

  • Unit 1 – Developing Web Products

Year 10

  • Unit 1 – Developing Web Products
  • Unit 2 – Creative Multimedia

Year 11

  • Unit 1 – Living in a digital world – Theory – Teaching Blocks 5,6,7,8
  • Unit 2 – Using Digital Tools – Controlled Assessment activities 3 & 4


Students may also decided to add a supplementary qualification in the GCSE in Computing. Current Exam Board: OCR
This course enables students to gain an in-depth understanding of how computer technology works.

Year 9

  • Python next steps 1 – 9
  • OCR Skills Builder

Year 10

  • Unit 1 – Computer systems programming
  • Unit 2 – A practical investigation

Year 11

  • Unit 2 – A practice investigation
  • Unit 3 – A programming project


Useful Computer Science links:

We would encourage all students to spend time at home reviewing their learning and trying to work through any misunderstandings or areas of difficulty, before then discussing them in school with their teacher.

The following links will help students to find information and other learning resources to support their learning: