futuredjsFutureDJs is a peripetetic DJ tutoring and electronic music production tutoring service delivering professional one to one weekly tutoring in school during curriculum time (in the same way that pupils will attend lessons for learning the guitar for example).

The aim of the performance is to provide the school with an ability to assess the level of interest within the pupil community of DJing and electronic music production.

Our team will turn up and deliver a high powered performance using the latest and best in class equipment and this will create an exciting buzz within the playground! Our tutors will engage with the students and answer any questions they have surrounding the FutureDJs program of study for both DJing and music production.

Our team will hand flyers out to any interested pupils who can then complete their name and form number on the flyer registering an interest in finding out more about the course on offer and how to apply.

Our technical partner (Pioneer DJ) are the best in class and have provided a national offering to the education sector.

Please watch our short video here which will provide you with a flavour of what you can expect when our roadshow visits your school – www.futuredjs.org